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T-Shirt Yarn is easy to use and is perfect for a quick project because it’s chunky. Made from recycled fabrics from the textile industry T-shirt yarn also referred to as jersey yarn or trapillo and comes in constantly changing colours.

Tee yarn can be crochet or knitted in to a huge range of projects such as bags, mats, rugs and baskets.

We stock a range of brands such as Bobbiny, Tek-Tek and Welcome Yarn all shipped from the UK, to save on postage time and cost. Woolly What Knot is a small business that always aims to provide the best possible service and range of bobbins to our customers.

To this end we ensure that we even stock different sizes including 60m (Bobbiny baby and Tek Tek) as well as 45m, 80m and the largest size 120m.T-Shirt Yarn is also used for colourful macramé projects. Its amazing for creating eye catching plant hangers and wall hangings. There many tutorials available on YouTube for those who want to brush up there skills.

We are one of the biggest stockists of t-shirt yarn in the uk and have a leading range of patterns and colours. We are a T-Shirt Yarn shop as well as other recycled yarns. t yarn is one of the best yarns for making baskets for toys or towels.

There is no need to make your own yarn when 120m is only £7.99, its so easy to crochet with this yarn as it builds up so quickly. They are perfect for quick and easy crafting projects.


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